Junior punch Bag kids Filled Leather Boxing Punchbag Bracket ,Hook & 4OZ 6OZ 8OZ


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  • durable Rex Leather Punch Bag (Weight approx 12KG)
  • can choose
  • 1 Heavy duty wall bracket or 1 hook or none
  • with 1 Pair of 4oz  / 6oz  / 8oz  gel gloves.

Main Features:-

Durable Rex Leather filled bag gives the sensation of hitting a real opponent.
Offers a combined level of features, Ideal for martial arts, fitness and boxing.
Great for combination workouts including low, high kicking & punching.
Designed for greater mobility and strength .
bag is 32″ height including straps & 10″ diameter weight 12 kg .

Known to be beneficial in the following :-

• Aids improvement in Upper-Body Strength and muscle building
• Aids improvement in Punching Power
• Enhances Cardio Vascular Exercise, Overall Stamina and fitness
• improvement in Hand Speed
• Aids improvement in Overall Co-ordination
• Aids Improvement in Performance
•Ideal for kicking and punching

Punchbag specifications :-

• Economic & Durable, Built to endure the rigours of even the toughest gyms!
• Machine filled with fabric cuttings to the weight of approx 12kg
•Zip Top design enables you to customize your bag
•You can make lighter or heavier by adding lighter or denser filling
•Made of High Quality Durable Synthetic Leather
• Easy to set up, easy to use
• Comes with strong hanging Straps with steel rings
• Tested for strength and endurance
• A very versatile and essential piece of gym equipment and a great investment

The size of the boxing gloves that you choose is of great importance. Gloves can weigh anywhere from 6oz for children to 20 ounces for the heavyweights, but those used in a professional boxing match are usually 10 ounces. If you plan to use the gloves for training, then the standard sizes are 12 ounce, 14 ounce, and 16 ounce. If you are looking for more protection, then a heavier glove is for you.

If you are going to use a 10oz glove in competition then you might find sparring with a heavier glove useful as it’ll improve your speed in the competition ring when you go down to the 10oz glove.

Most people think they must buy a glove that fits their hand, but this isn’t the case. If possible, put handwraps on your hand when trying a glove on. By doing this, you can see how the feel will change with the handwrap and if a bigger size is needed.

Our basic guide to sizing

4oz – younger children
6oz – ideal for children, 9-12yrs
8oz – a starter size for women; teenagers
10oz – a starter size for men; second size for women; commonly used for competition
12oz – starter size for men;
14oz – good for sparring; use for practice; get used to heavy weight
16oz – used by experienced or heavy weight boxers

The weight of the gloves is increased by putting more padding into it at the manufacturing stage. If you are going to go full onto your opponent then the heavier gloves will give more protection.

Buy the gloves that are right for you, or advised by your instructor (if you have one). Also make sure you choose the correct ones for your competition – your trainer should let you know.

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B/GOLD 3 LINE, Black Silver Bag, BLK/ W 3 LINE, BLKRED 3 LINE, BLUE / WHITE[out of stock]






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